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A better way to manage product development with Opcenter RD&L

Companies are looking for a better way to manage product development from ideation to realization.

Opcenter RD&L (Research, Development and Laboratory) provides a scalable platform for companies in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry to streamline and align all formulated product data management in order to capitalize on their R&D potential and develop new products faster.

Quality and regulatory requirements are met by keeping product designs and processes in line. The seamless integration and alignment of R&D and manufacturing data and processes significantly accelerates the transition of final product designs to mainstream manufacturing.

Opcenter RD&L consists of three components and multiple features

Opcenter RD&L is made up of three major components, which are completed by a Laboratory Electronic Notebook and an External User solution:

  • Opcenter Specification

  • Opcenter Formulation

  • Opcenter Laboratory

Features include:

  • A state-of-the-art Laboratory Information Management System

  • Supplier collaboration

  • A company-wide single repository for all Product Data Management

  • An electronic notebook that centrally manages all product development project-related data

  • All information is available graphically and easily digestible

Download this infographic for a quick view of the benefits of Opcenter RD&L