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Xpedition design and manufacturing

Concurrent DFM enables users to optimize designs for manufacturing

Why is it that printed circuit board (PCB) design re-spins are expected rather than the exception? According to historical data, schedules and budgets typically include several re-spins. Valor NPI software, integrated into Xpedition software, has proven it can be used to reduce the number of respins by an average of 57 percent using design for manufacturability (DFM) technology that enables manufacturing issues to be identified and corrected early in the process, saving money and time.

Benefits of DFM analysis

  • Enables you to save time and money by finding and correcting issues early on

  • Provides seamless, concurrent DFM without leaving the Xpedition user environment

  • Reduces re-spins for the fastest, highest-quality NPI and ramp-to-volume

  • Mitigates project risk by helping you stay on schedule and budget

  • Allows you to rapidly design panels to optimize material use and reduce costs

  • Accelerates fabrication and assembly and reduces costs with intelligent hand-off of PCB design

Learn more about Design for Manufacturing and Xpedition DFM with integrated Valor NPI.