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fact sheet

Xpedition AMS - Innovative PCB simulation and analysis

Xpedition® expands standard SPICE-based circuit analysis to leverage industry advances in PCB modeling and simulation, accelerate circuit development, and speed verification. Xpedition AMS brings innovative circuit simulation and analysis that are powerful and comprehensive to accelerate your design process.

Benefits of using Xpedition AMS

  • Virtual environment for circuit design and analysis

  • Extensive library of SPICE and VHDL-AMS simulation models for AMS circuit design

  • Advanced parametric analyses verify design performance beyond nominal conditions

  • Full-featured data measurements and waveform calculations quantify performance metrics

  • Modeling electro-mechanical and other multi-discipline components enables design verification in the broader system context

  • Collaborative simulation environment linking Xpedition AMS with multiple simulation tools and processes, including Simulink, LabVIEW, C/C++, Java, and SystemC

How Xpedition AMS accelerates your PCB design flow

  • Powerful PCB simulation and analysis

  • Signle schematic drives simulation and layout

  • Simulate legacy designs

  • SPICE (+ PSpice) model support

  • Beyond SPICE modeling with VHDL-AMS

  • Models direct from datasheets

  • Comprehensive Stress Analysis

  • Worst-case scenario exploration

  • Detailed design experiments

  • High-performance distributed computing

  • Virtual in-system verification

  • Innovative data analysis

  • Integration with industry leading tools

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