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fact sheet

Use Process Simulate Human to plan, simulate and validate human tasks

Use digital human modeling throughout the product lifecycle to achieve continual improvement

Process Simulate Human, part of the Tecnomatix portfolio, streamlines the design process of manual tasks, helping you to create friction-free workplaces with reduced risk of injury and enhanced consistency. Organizations adopting this software gain a competitive edge by combining traditional ergonomics and human factors assessment methods with cutting-edge visualization and simulation technologies.

Advanced analysis for workplace safety and efficiency

Imagine a workstation meticulously designed to ensure seamless interaction between humans and their environment. Process Simulate Human allows for the verification of workstation designs, ensuring that product parts are easily reachable, assembled, and maintained. By analyzing and optimizing cycle times and ergonomics, it guarantees a safe and efficient process while adhering to industry and corporate standards. Whether it’s validating a workstation design or analyzing the ergonomics of a particular operation, Process Simulate Human simplifies complex tasks by providing a digital platform for comprehensive analysis and optimization.

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