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Tessent SystemInsight for SoC debug

Full system debug and optimization tool for SoCs

Tessent SystemInsight is a complete Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that extends the features of a traditional debugger (run control, trace) with support for heterogeneous designs and full system visibility enabled by the Tessent Embedded Analytics integrated into the SoC.

Using SystemInsight, engineers can simultaneously view the behavior of hardware structures and the execution of software across the whole SoC.

A complete integrated development environment for SoC visibility

Hardware, firmware, and software teams need an efficient, easy-to-use tool suite that gives visibility and control of the operation of hardware and software within an SoC. In a complex, heterogeneous system developers need:

  • Fully-featured multi-core run control and trace

  • Configuration of Tessent on-chip analytics IP

  • Presentation of system data from embedded monitors

  • Post processing and data visualization capabilities

SystemInsight delivers all of these capabilities. It provides a holistic, system-level approach to SoC development and debug, allowing engineers to view and analyze the interlinked behavior of hardware, firmware, and software at any level of abstraction. It provides an integrated view that encompasses real-time, protocol-aware monitoring of hardware structures within the SoC (including custom logic), single step and breakpoint code execution status for multiple processors (which may be based on different architectures), and instruction trace for many common CPU architectures.