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STAR-CCM+ Electromagnetics, A fast, scalable tool for electromagnetic analysis in a multiphysics environment

STAR-CCM+ overset mesh used in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) improves simulation

The motion of components and the complexity of geometries must be effectively represented in simulation for real-world analysis of design behaviors. Still, the complex technology used for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and numerical simulation was developed and popularized only in the aerospace industry. Why? Overset mesh (Chimera) proved too difficult to develop for general-purpose commercial CFD codes and technology in any other industry.

This overset mesh technology has finally been directly integrated into an industrial-strength, commercially available CFD code with STAR-CCM+. In STAR-CCM+, overset mesh can be used to optimize design, accelerate simulation creation, and improve model precision.

The advantages of employing STAR-CCM+ overset mesh into computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation

Potential is increased with STAR-CCM+ overset mesh. Overset mesh typically has a setting-specific backdrop mesh and one or more overlapping, attached grids, but this solution also offers overlapping overset zones to increase technology applicability. This software solution:

  • enhances precision of modeling with realistic motions

  • accelerates the design process with automated parametric studies

  • enhances designs with precise physics modeling

  • uses proven algorithms to accurately perform complex motions

Download and read the fact sheet for more information.