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fact sheet

Solido Design Environment

Siemens Digital Industries Software is the leader in variation-aware design software for memory, standard cell, and analog/RF custom IC design. Solido Design Environment (Solido DE) is a comprehensive AI-powered design environment for all SPICE-level design and verification, and is a single unified solution for nominal and variation analysis. Solido DE is production proven and has already been used by thousands of designers to produce the most competitive products in high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), automotive and mobile application spaces. The solution helps meet aggressive low-power demands and adapts to the challenges of smaller, more advanced technology nodes without compromising product quality, yield or performance.
Using Solido DE, engineering teams can set up SPICE-level simulations for circuit measurements and regressions, as well as analyze waveforms and statistical results, all in a single cockpit that handles nominal and variation-aware analysis. The solution integrates AI technology seamlessly to perform production-accurate statistical yield analysis at a fraction of runtime compared to brute-force methods, and to assist the user identify optimization paths to improve circuit power, performance, and area. Solido DE can be used throughout the design process from initial device sizing to advanced 6+ sigma variation analysis.