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fact sheet

Solido Crosscheck software from Siemens EDA provides a comprehensive IP quality assurance (QA) framework

With a comprehensive set of QA checks covering most design views and formats, a full suite of capabilities for reporting, visualization and debugging, Solido Crosscheck offers a complete QA framework for today’s IP production and integration methodologies.
Solido™ Crosscheck software provides a comprehensive IP quality assurance (QA) framework for the validation of all IP, regardless of type or technology. Using Solido Crosscheck, users benefit from an expanding list of customer-driven in-view and cross-view checks, covering front-end and back-end design
views for IP production and integration workflows.

Solido Crosscheck provides comprehensive in-view and cross-view IP validation for most design views used in IP production and integration workflows, including:

  • Front-end views: Verilog/VHDL, .lib, SDF, UPF/CPF, Test, ATGP

  • Back-end views: LEF/DEF/GDS2, Oasis, Plib, OpenAccess

  • Simulation and schematics: multiple SPICE formats and binary DB schematics

  • Other views such as IBIS, LVLIB, IP-XACT, etc.

Solido Crosscheck has 300+ checks today, with additional checks continuously added by customer request. In addition, custom formats and user-defined checks are also supported through a custom check API.