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Simulate, visualize, analyze and optimize production systems and logistics processes

Build 3D digital models of your manufacturing system and shop floor logistics. Validate and optimize material flow, production throughput, and overall system performance using statistical simulation experiments.
The Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Foundation software allows you to create 3D visualization models (up to 500 objects) for simulation, validation, and optimization of manufacturing systems and processes. Plant Simulation can be used to optimize material flow, resource utilization, and logistics at all levels of plant planning, from global production facilities to local plants to specific lines.

Key Features and Benefits of Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Plant Simulation enables you to create digital models of logistic systems (for example, production) in order to investigate their characteristics and optimize their performance. The digital model allows you to run experiments and what-if scenarios without disrupting an existing production system or when used in the planning process before the actual system is installed. Extensive analysis tools, statistics, and charts enable you to evaluate various manufacturing scenarios and make quick, dependable decisions during the early stages of production planning. Benefits of Tecnnomatix Plant simulation Foundation:

  • Improve productivity of existing facilities¬†

  • Reduce investment in the planning of new facilities¬†

  • Decrease inventory and throughput time¬†

  • Optimize system dimensions, including buffer sizes

  • Lower investment risks through early proof of concept

  • Maximize manufacturing resource utilization

Learn more about the benefits in this fact sheet.