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Simcenter Testxpress’ advanced product measuring provides rapid analysis of noise, vibration and durability

A typical analyzer is a versatile, user-friendly device that measures the frequency content of vibration, sound, and fatigue. They are, however, limited in their abilities. Measurements are restricted. Sensors do not have direct connectivity. Testing and observation are not possible in real-time or in parallel, not to mention the absence of FFT, order, rainflow, and octave analysis.

Whether you need to perform troubleshooting, verification work, mobile testing, or qualification and certification testing in the realms of vibration, acoustics, or durability, Simcenter Testxpress combined with SCADAS and SCADAS XS has you covered in and out of the lab, allowing expansive six-to-hundred-channel measurements for present and future use.

The multimodal acquisition and analysis capabilities of Simcenter Testxpress

The comprehensive additions and advantages of Testxpress includes:

  • Real-time analysis of FFT, PSD, crosspower, FRF, coherence and others

  • Dynamic and easy measuring using roving or fixedhammer approaches

  • Parallel data throughput recording, with data visualization and high bandwidth storage

  • Reduced operator error by adhering to ISO measurement protocol and support: human body vibration, intensity, sound localization and power.

Power personal productivity with SCADAS and Testxpress

Combining Simcenter Testxpress with SCADAS and SCADAS XS gives an engineer the flexibility, movement, and focus to do their job correctly with less clockwatching. But how? Simcenter SCADAS meets a wide range of testing requirements with in-lab and mobile front interfaces. Simcenter SCADAS XS, on the other hand, provides the non-expert with the necessary portability in a handheld device for real-life scenario testing, on-the-go diagnostics, and reliable troubleshooting.

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