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fact sheet

Simcenter System Analyst addresses performance attributes while ensuring model continuity

Electrification and new control strategies have resulted in an overly complex system design. With time constraints and high performance expectations, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and supplier must use variable analysis to rapidly evaluate design alternatives to ensure optimal mechatronic system performance.

Project engineers can easily create industry-specific applications to power system simulation models using Simcenter System Analyst, a collaborative system simulation tool. Even those without computer-aided engineering (CAE) skills can choose from a database, allowing for an ease-of-use that balances contradictory criteria, simplifies multi-attribute analysis, and maintains hundreds of existing system scenarios.

Simcenter System Analyst ensures model continuity without changing the toolchain

Simcenter System Analyst manages several performance characteristics while ensuring the system simulation model's continuity. Other advantages include:

  • Ensure model continuity without changing your toolchain

  • Expand system simulation model reuse project teams

  • Run multiple variant analyses with ease

  • Maximize return on investment from model development effort

Download this fact sheet to learn more.