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fact sheet

Simcenter STAR-CCM+, an Easily Adaptable Software for Electromagnetic Analysis in a Multi-Physics Environment

Simcenter STAR+ delivers fast, scalable electromagnetic analysis for diverse systems

Many disciplines are required for design, optimization, and innovation, with electrification being a primary pillar. However, design complexity that, for example, may necessitate the analysis of other elements, such as heat transfer and structural mechanics, requires using a multipurpose, multi-physics simulation tool.

Simcenter STAR-CCM+, for optimal results, is a solution that provides a wide range of physical models for digital twin construction as well as a highly scalable, high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for accessible coding implementation, resulting in precise electromagnetics analysis implementation that responds quickly to market demands and simplified workflows to stay within constrictive time constraints.

Advantages of STAR-CCM+ efficiently solves the electromagnetics problems found in Multiphysics

The ability of STAR-CCM+ to combine many physics models within one environment provides users with the most exact, real-world digital twin, providing precision and accuracy. STAR-CCM+ also:

  • improves realism and application coverage with an integrated multi-physics environment

  • enables low-frequency application analysis with an advanced electromagnetic solver

  • simulates computational fluid dynamics (CFD)/thermal physics with computational electromagnetics

  • quick and scalable industrial problem analysis

Download and read the fact sheet for more information.