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fact sheet

Questa Verification IQ solution

Collaborative data driven verification powered by analytics.

The growing complexity in the design and verification of ICs amplifies the challenges of getting to market on time with first-time success. Those challenges associated with turnaround times and verification closure require greater efficiency and acceleration of all verification tasks, which can be achieved only by becoming data driven. Preserving historical design and verification data allows experienced engineers to make judgements, but with modern high-performance computing and mass storage this data can be augmented with predictive and prescriptive analytics. This is known as big data.

Features and Benefits

  • Faster turnaround times

    • Accelerate root cause exploration

    • Automated debug preparation

    • Collaboration data management

  • Accelerated verification closure

    • Find coverage holes quicker

    • Collaboration analysis

    • Analytical navigation

  • Resource management

    • ML assisted test selection

    • Automated results-based actions

    • Compute efficiency

  • Functional safety compliance

    • Integration with lifecycle management

    • Requirement traceability to verification and implementation

  • Project visibility

    • Collaboration data availability

    • Actionable data

    • Project progress management

Big data is transforming all industries, enabling them to innovate their products more rapidly and improve many aspects of our lives. EDA is powering these transformations. Verification needs to transform in step, so we can predict which test to run next, the root cause of a failure, and what stimulus is required. Questa™ Verification IQ is the Siemens EDA collaborative, data-driven verification solution that transforms the verification process using analytics, collaboration, and traceability.