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Fact Sheet

Questa Verification IP for CXL

Comprehensive verification solution for all CXL-based devices.


QVIP for CXL is a comprehensive solution for exhaustive verification of CXL-based IP and SoC products, providing the flexibility to create and cover all possible verification scenarios. QVIP for CXL includes ready-to-use verification components and exhaustive stimuli to increase productivity and accelerate verification signoff.


  • Architected for ease-of-use and consistency across all protocols

  • Comprehensive stimulus and available standard-based test suites

  • Exhaustive protocol coverage and protocol checks

  • UVM based testbench with ready-to-use components like monitors, loggers, and scoreboards

  • Intuitive debug with transaction viewing and tracker files at various levels


  • Latest specification and feature support for CXL 2.0/3.0

  • Comprehensive verification solution for all CXL-based devices: host, device, and retimer

  • Built-in analysis components

    • Protocol checkers

    • Transaction loggers

    • Functional coverage

    • Performance statistics

  • Extensive stimulus from available compliance test suite for verification of each CXL layer

Supported specifications

  • Compute Express Link, revision 2.0

  • Compute Express Link, revision 3.0

  • PCI Express® Base Specification, revision 6.0, version 1.0

  • PCI Express® Architecture Link Layer and Transaction Layer Test Specification Revision 5.0, version 0.91 (PCI-SIG® Compliance)

  • PHY Interface for PCI Express® (PIPE), version 6.1