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fact sheet

PLM Vis Web provides a framework for inclusive and interactive 3d modeling and data analysis

Having problems with design communication and collaboration because 2D drawings are too simplistic? PLM Vis Web provides all CAD and non-CAD professionals with custom 3D visualization and information analysis capabilities for a completely collaborative experience. PLM Vis Web allows for online viewing, measurement, and marking of parts. This technology supports a wide range of use cases, from adding visualization to online catalogs to the advanced functionality required to support collaborating engineers, all without the need for any client software to be installed.

The observable, all-encompassing benefits of employing a PLM Vis Web application

Gain a completely accessible and flexible 3D design tool. PLM Vis Web:

  • Provides an affordable, easy to implement design tool

  • Supports nearly all visualization file types with cross-platform functionality

  • Views and measures assemblies and components in 3D

  • Protects intellectual property because the originating data does not have to be provided to a local client

Read the fact sheet to learn more about PLM Vis Web’s capabilities.