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fact sheet

Overcoming signal integrity issues with HyperLynx SI

Signal integrity (SI) simulation is often seen as a task best left to dedicated specialists, but there are not enough specialists to meet today’s demand. HyperLynx SI combines industry-renowned ease of use with automated workflows to make complex SI analysis tasks accessible to system design engineers while still providing the detailed modelling and simulation accuracy demanded by signal integrity experts.

How can HyperLynx SI help in the PCB design cycle?

  • Pre-route simulations are key during PCB floor planning and routing, performing “what-if” analysis to determine the impacts of different design strategies.

  • HyperLynx post-route (BoardSim) simulations automatically extract models of the PCB design as-routed, determining highspeed signal voltage and timing margins. Potential issues can be identified and resolved before the PCB is fabricated, reducing costs and delays associated with prototype spins.

  • The HyperLynx topology editor (LineSim) allows quick capture of complex topologies and can sweep design variables to establish which physical design approach is best.

  • HyperLynx automated workflows walk users through setting up and running complex analyses step by step, producing HTML reports with detailed margin measurements and associated plots.

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