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fact sheet

Satisfy customers by streamlining complaint procedures with Opcenter quality concern and complaint management

A positive customer experience is critical to your company's success in terms of increased profitability and reduced expenses. However, this concept entails far more than having a pleasant customer service representative. When mistakes do occur, the ability to quickly process, evaluate, and analyze complaints is critical.

Opcenter Quality Concern and Complaint Management (CCM) is a fully integrated actions management system that can assist with the prompt, priority-controlled management of all complaints, with a thorough evaluation and analysis options to promote ongoing quality and productivity improvements.

Opcenter Quality CCM software offers tools for gathering all pertinent internal and external complaint data and the costs involved. With increased complaint management efficiency, it:

  • Increases profits by reducing errors

  • Facilitates management of external and internal complaint processes

  • Determines what steps to take to address and resolve defects.

  • Identifies weaknesses and implements correction

Download and read the fact sheet to learn more.