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fact sheet

NX Academic Edition

Enabling students to learn mechanical engineering with industry-leading software and methods used by professionals

The NX Academic Edition Fact Sheet details what is included in the NX Academic Edition as well as the value of teaching and learning NX CAD/CAM/CAE software in academic institutions. By implementing NX at your academic institution through coursework and free licenses, students are prepared with the technical skills they need to jumpstart their engineering career. Download the fact sheet to learn more about how to become a part of the Siemens Academic Partner Program and receive software and support for your school.

What is included in NX Academic Edition?

NX Academic edition comes fully equipped with advanced CAD (design), CAM (manufacturing) and CAE (simulation) capabilities.

NX Student Edition

The NX Academic Edition is only available to academic institutions and educators. Individual students or independent learners can download and try NX Student Edition, a free single-user student license that includes limited features and other limitations compared to the academic version.