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Fact Sheet

Model-based system engineering addresses the interdepartmental miscommunications that cause expensive mistakes

Undiscovered errors in complex goods are costly. Why? Product architecture often requires multi-department expertise that, if not executed at the outset of the product lifecycle, results in "cross-production/inter-domain difficulties." Product engineering does not itself create costly mistakes, setbacks, and recalls. Miscommunication does.

Model-based system engineering (MBSE) supports cross-discipline communication. Everyone understands their job, contributing towards a common objective.

What starting and staying integrated with MBSE will do for your manufacturing operations

Combining the MBSE element of system engineering (SE) with product lifecycle management (PLM) will:

  • Encourage cross-functional communication and collaboration

  • Support cross-domain interoperability

  • Advance early product development decisions

  • Manage production information throughout the lifecycle

  • Handle product complexity within finite time constraints

  • Preclude any future complications for near-perfect results