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Material Tracking in Production Logistics

Plan and control your supply processes with precision

Reading time: 5 minutes
Shipping delays and material supply bottlenecks have become a routine part of production in many industries. This has profound ripple effects when production processes get out of sync, lines have to be stopped, and standstills loom. It also presents tremendous challenges to production planners, who must manage uncertainties in the supply chain despite often lacking the critical data needed to respond to bottlenecks proactively.

The combined power of a production planning system and supply chain control tower delivers visibility across transport processes and greater flexibility in planning and managing production. Production planners get reliable data, giving them greater flexibility in how they do their jobs. The data-driven control of inbound logistics makes it possible to identify potential problems as early as possible and thoroughly analyze the impact on scheduling and production processes. Augmenting production planning and control with validated supply chain data improves outcomes, since planners are always working in their systems with the latest shipping data. This gives them a critical head start to take countermeasures if any deviations occur and optimize production orders where necessary.

Learn how Production runs more smoothly, costs come down, fluctuations in demand can be better managed—and above all, customers are happier in our Fact Sheet.