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fact sheet

Managed blocks in design reuse

PCB design reuse provides engineers and designers with an efficient method to develop and publish blocks of “known good” circuitry from schematic and layout tools in new products. The ability to easily reuse proven elements from previous designs through a library of “certified” circuits allows product development teams to leverage past successes for the benefit of new products.

Types of managed blocks

  • Self-managed blocks: The basic flow for sharing design IP within a small design community. The self-managed flow supports basic data management and sharing without EDM tools integration.

  • Enterprise-managed blocks: The comprehensive flow for sharing design IP within an enterprise design community. The enterprise flow supports formal data management and sharing using the Xpedition®EDM tool suite to control and propagate reusable circuit blocks to production library caches.

Benefits of PCB design reuse

  • Supports concurrent development and accelerates design creation with a “building block” design process

  • Jumpstarts new designs through the reuse of existing IP

  • Eliminates repeated creation of the same circuitry

  • Provides improved quality and reliability of complex designs that use managed block circuitry

  • Facilitates the efficient exchange of blocks between schematic, layout, constraint management, variant, and ECAD Data Management (EDM) tools

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