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Fact Sheet

Increase manufacturing advantage using SIMCENTER STAR-CCM+ multiphysics CFD simulation tool for aerospace aerodynamics

The aerospace and defense industries are rapidly changing. Aerospace manufacturers are confronted with an ever-changing design landscape that is refocusing on supersonic and hypersonic designs while implementing innovative new approaches centered on urban air mobility and unmanned aircraft. At the same time, the manufacturer is subject to regulatory and competitive constraints.

The aerodynamic database for propulsion integration studies, tank sloshing simulation, avionics cooling, e-powertrain analysis, and cabin comfort modeling is computed by the Simcenter STAR-CCM+ program. This solution will increase productivity, perform complex modeling, cover a wide range of options, accelerate discoveries, and encourage innovation.

The extensive features included in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ address aerodynamics issues and facilitates advantages

Numerous exterior aerodynamics issues can be solved with the Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software. Modeling can be applied to various geometric fidelity, including intricate, complex designs. Physics coverage lets users study a wide range of flow conditions, and by eliminating manual processes, engineers can provide outcomes fast and effectively. These features and more provide benefits that:

  • reduce engineering time with an integrated and automated CAD-to-solution approach

  • anticipate real-world aerodynamics with a powerful multiphysics digital twin

  • shorten simulation process time-to-solution with efficient algorithms and parallelization

  • optimize production aerodynamics through automated optimization studies

Download and read the fact sheet to learn more.