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Fact Sheet

Experience Assembly Planning with Easy Plan

In today's global manufacturing environment, manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce time-to-market, control costs, and manage complexity while maintaining high quality. During the planning and execution phases, connectivity to manufacturing engineering and production, effective change management, assembly line balancing, forecasting production orders, and other factors must be considered.

A role-based planning solution, Teamcenter Easy Plan, provides critical capabilities for supporting and carrying out manufacturing planning.

Efficiently plan and communicate your manufacturing processes

Teamcenter software's Easy Plan application allows manufacturers to create and manage the manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) and the bill of process (BOP) to capture "what to make" and "how to make it". By leveraging Teamcenter workflow, change management, and configuration capabilities, these applications enable close collaboration between engineering, manufacturing, and execution. Teamcenter Easy Plan solutions can help manufacturers standardize and reuse assembly processes across multiple plants, capture work instructions for the shop floor, perform detailed time analysis, balance production lines, and as well as:

  • Experience a task-oriented web solution for manufacturing process planning

  • Develop process plans that reflect plant-level production scenarios

  • Leverage configuration and change management for manufacturing data

  • Optimize cycle times and production rates

  • Create and provide clear and up-to-date operator instructions