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Empower your service teams with customer-centric servitization

If you're a discrete manufacturer looking for a customer-centric approach to service, you've come to the right spot!

Siemens’ Teamcenter SLM for Salesforce bridges the gap between product knowledge and the service user experience using Teamcenter's product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities for service engineering and planning, plugged into Salesforce's Service Cloud platform. Knowing the accurate configuration of your assets in the field and connecting this information to the full customer story is key to service efficiencies, and revenue generation.

This app empowers your service teams with valuable insights to deliver top-notch support. It pulls in engineering data and service knowledge managed in Teamcenter to generate standardized work type templates in Salesforce, streamlining service processes and ensuring consistent and efficient handling of customer cases.

Teamcenter SLM on Service Cloud revolutionizes customer service operations, fosters collaboration between engineering and service teams, and ultimately drives enhanced customer satisfaction by delivering the right information at the right time.

Download this informative fact sheet to delve deeper into the potential of this customer-centric service approach and how it can boost operational efficiency and drive revenue growth.