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fact sheet

Employ streamlined sourcing, decision making and negotiating operations with Teamcenter supply sourcing software

Currently, a significant number of components are sourced from outside suppliers. The shipping whims and dilemmas posed by raw material suppliers affect original equipment manufacturers (OEM). This reliance, combined with the speed and expense of developing a high-quality product, has compelled OEMs to address sourcing inefficiencies and update procedures. The direct materials sourcing solution from Teamcenter software enables businesses to precisely and efficiently govern their sourcing process within their supply chain.

Supply-chain advantages delivered by Teamcenter

Teamcenter automates and streamlines supply-chain processes, saving the OEM a considerable amount of time and money. Teamcenter can help you:

Understand cost drivers early in product development

  • Facilitate secure and efficient information sharing

  • Integrate round-trip sourcing with product development processes

  • Prepare a cloud-ready platform for increased mobility and reduced

    admin overhead

  • Cut operational expenses with an intuitive supply interface.

And more . . .

Comprehensive software solutions replace antiquated manual labor and negotiation methods

Teamcenter offers a robust platform for digitally managing your entire sourcing process, allowing you to move away from the time-consuming, paper-intensive data collection tasks and dilatory analysis practices of the past. Your procurement specialists and sourcing teams will be freed from their daily manual administrative burdens, giving them more time and attention to strategic concerns that drive cost-effective decision-making and negotiating.

Learn why manufacturing supply chain management necessitates a software solution like Siemens Teamcenter by reading the fact sheet.