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fact sheet

Create and manage first sample inspection reports to meet defined criteria with opcenter quality first sample inspection

Suppliers in the automotive industry will only use parts received from other suppliers that comply with industry standards. This policy affects not only the companies selected as partners, but also first sampling and quality performance throughout the entire production run.

The Opcenter Quality First Sample Inspection (FSI) module enables an efficient planning, creation, and administration process for obtaining first sample inspection reports in accordance with German Automobile Industry Association (VDA) and Automotive Industry Action Group standards (AIAG).

Opcenter Quality FSI enables you to efficiently meet AIAG and VDA standards for both customers and suppliers. The solution provides systematic guidance throughout the process and enables you to make automatic adjustments to meet your customers' needs and deliver parts that meet specifications. You can improve customer satisfaction and reduce development time with Opcenter Quality FSI. Other benefits include:

  • Complies with VDA and AIAG industry standards

  • Efficiently creates and manages first sample inspection reports

  • Easily monitors target deadlines and order status

  • Increases customer satisfaction

  • Minimizes quality risks and associated costs

Download and read the fact sheet to learn more.