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Fact Sheet

Automated network design, optimization and verification enabled by accurate timing analysis


Networks are a critical aspect of all modern vehicles. Their design is interwoven with the electrical/electronics (E/E) architecture, software, and electrical systems. Network design is not an isolated activity but rather a contributor in a collaborative, multi-domain workflow that spans requirements definition, architecture, software, electrical, and network design. Capitalâ„¢ Networks software is a model-based network design and validation tool ensuring quality and accelerated network implementation. It helps OEMs design validated and correct networks that improve brand value by providing the essential tooling for designing, optimizing and verifying the networks, and creating the electronic control unit (ECU) definitions sent from OEMs to Tier 1 suppliers. Capital Networks provide support for Ethernet, service-oriented architecture (SOA), scalable service-oriented middleware over IP (SOME/IP), and service discovery, all underpinned by timing analysis and validation.