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Fact Sheet

Capital projects and infrastructure software

Capital assets form the productive base of an organization, and organizations invest a large portion of their funds into the facilities, plants, factories, and critical infrastructure that are the foundation of their operations. Today, many capital asset stakeholders have the desire, but are unable, to digitalize and increase efficiencies by leveraging new technologies. Learn more about capital projects and infrastructure software from this exclusive fact sheet.

Optimize new capital projects

A simulation-driven approach to design, construction and operations allows users to digitally verify plant processes before manufacturing begins. Users can also virtually place equipment/systems in the construction work area to simulate and optimize the asset build to ensure predictable construction execution and efficient commissioning. The data captured from the operational asset can now be reported to operations for production planning and suggested design changes for future modernization. New capital projects can now be optimized from the start of the design phase.

Benefits of capital asset management software

Reduce costs and improve efficiency across the lifecycle of facilities, plants, factories and critical infrastructure. The benefits of this capital asset management software include:

  • Comprehensive digital twin of physical asset

  • Integrates greenfield and brownfield project execution

  • Improve oversight and project risk management

Streamline capital project delivery

Capital asset stakeholders can make the transition from document-centric business processes to data-centric business processes, which contributes to more efficient operations. Improve capital project delivery timelines through the increase of project quality, speed, productivity and efficiency.