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Analog FastSPICE Platform

With foundry-certified accuracy by the world’s leading foundries, the AFS platform delivers nanometer SPICE accuracy > 5x faster than traditional SPICE and > 2x faster than parallel SPICE simulators. For large post-layout circuits, the new AFS eXTreme technology delivers over 300M-element capacity and >3x faster than post-layout simulators. The AFS Platform also offers the fastest mixed-signal simulation with the Symphony™ platform. For silicon-accurate characterization, the AFS platform includes the industry’s only comprehensive full-spectrum device noise analysis and integrates with Solido™ Variation Designer delivering full variation-aware design coverage in orders-of-magnitude fewer simulations, but with the accuracy of brute force techniques.

Design teams at over 200 semiconductor companies worldwide rely on AFS to design their nm-scale ADCs, DACs, PLLs, high-speed I/O, high-speed clocking, CMOS image sensors, memories, and RFICs. AFS customers include the world’s leading suppliers of consumer electronics, mobile communications platforms, application processors, server ICs, network processors, image sensors, and automotive ICs. As a single executable, AFS operates either standalone from the command line or integrated with industry leading analog design environments. It uses standard compute platforms from a single core up to 32 cores. AFS supports standard SPICE netlist formats, standard foundry models, and produces outputs in industry-standard formats. Design teams can choose the most appropriate license configuration for their needs. AFS platform features include: AFS Circuit Simulator, AFS Transient Noise Analysis, AFS RF Analyses, Symphony, AFS Mega, and Solido Variation Designer.

Access the Fact Sheet for additional information regarding the Analog FastSPICE Platfrom.