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Addressing new challenges in measuring vibroacoustic frequency responses

Acoustic energy is generated at a higher frequency by electric noise sources than by traditional combustion engines. New challenges have emerged as a result of the increased demand for electric and hybrid vehicles. Simcenter Qsources is a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge sound and vibration excitation hardware that measures driving points as well as structural and vibroacoustic frequency response functions. This hardware set is made up of compact electrodynamic shakers and volume velocity monopole sources.

Simcenter Qsources hardware portfolio is self-supporting and self-aligning while requiring minimal mass loading. Electrodynamic inertia shakers with a force level sufficient for full vehicle excitation are also included.

Explore more in this fact sheet.

Real-world application capabilities

This comprehensive suite has been thoroughly tested with input from suppliers and manufacturers, resulting in real-world application capabilities that meet your product's functionality, quality, and reliability objectives.

The Simcenter Qsources excitation hardware product portfolio includes:

  • Low-frequency monopole source

  • Low-mid-frequency source

  • Mid-high-frequency source

  • Measurement power amplifier

Download the two-page fact sheet to find out more about this comprehensive excitation hardware.