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Accelerate acoustic troubleshooting

Sound is all around us, especially when we interact with the products we use every day. If we don't like the sound, we refer to it as noise. Engineering teams all over the world are working hard to reduce noise in the products they design. Understanding the source of noise requires first comprehending the source of sound.

The Simcenter Sound Camera system is a heavy-duty array used to pinpoint sound sources. By removing self-generated noise, the tool improves dynamic range. It can be directly connected to Simcenter Testlab in order to measure additional channels that require more advanced analysis. Download the fact sheet to learn about all the benefits of using Simcenter to accelerate acoustic troubleshooting.

Advantages of Simcenter Sound Camera

Occasional users and engineers require quick and accurate troubleshooting. This adaptable, modular, high-quality digital microphone array provides a quick overview of sound sources for any noise-producing object. It is portable and adaptable, with arms that can be added or removed to accommodate a variety of test conditions. A few other advantages include:

  • Versatility and flexibility for accurate sound source localization

  • Quickly reveals acoustic weak spots

  • Easy to set up and easy to use, showing results instantly after starting up

  • Immediate and accurate sound source localization in a variety of testing situations

Discover all the advantages about the Simcenter Sound Camera system in this fact sheet.

A module of Simcenter Testlab software

The system is a component of the Simcenter Testlab, a comprehensive, integrated solution for test-based engineering that combines various types of analysis on the same data to gain a better understanding of sound phenomena.