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A complete set of functionalities for managing compliance

The OEM supply chain is rapidly moving toward compliant materials, replacing current materials with sustainable products. OEMs must be proactive to assess the impact that material choices may have on downstream processes.

Siemens’ Teamcenter software’s solution for substance compliance enables OEMs to design using environmental guidelines as a strategic advantage. In this two-page paper, you will discover how to address green compliance requirements in a single-source environment.

Easily comply with environmental regulations to limit hazardous elements

Noncompliance costs can range from fines to more severe penalties, including being prevented from competing in key markets. Lack of visibility to compliance information can also lead to increased excess and obsolete inventory costs and excessive product redesign costs. With a multitude of current and future mandates such as EuP (energy using products) on the horizon, you must think strategically about the environment.

Teamcenter is a flexible, easy-to-use toolset that helps you control the material makeup of your products. Learn how to easily comply with environmental regulations to limit the use of hazardous substances in your products. Read this brief paper on the topic.

A holistic integrated material management solution to reduce errors

Features and benefits of Teamcenter:

  • A holistic, integrated material management solution

  • A single source of accurate and compliant data to support design for the environment (DfE) and lifecycle assessment (LCA) initiatives

  • Reduces errors and rework costs

  • Secure, open, scalable architecture to enable data exchanges with third-party material sources

Document the compliance of complex products down to the substance level

Companies need help with developing environmentally friendly products, controlling the material makeup of products and complying with environmental regulations to limit hazardous substance use. Teamcenter takes on the critical role of helping with those issues. In addition, the software solution reduces costs associated with collecting and managing the massive amount of environmental data required to document the compliance of complex products down to the substance level.