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executive brief

Traceability and lifecycle intelligence in the food and agriculture industry

More than ever before, consumers are demanding greater transparency about the products they buy and consume, such as the ingredients, level of sustainability, and where items are sourced. This new norm of consumers wanting to know about the eco-responsibility of the brands they're buying from has become a driving force behind purchases. In this whitepaper, learn how having full traceability throughout the manufacturing process and across the food and agriculture supply chain can give your company an advantage by leveraging full access to actionable data.

Software for food product traceability procedures

Discover how your food and agriculture business can use dependable artificial intelligence to gather critical insights on innovative practices and procedures to produce a clear and traceable picture of the entire manufacturing process.

Food product identification and traceability solutions

Easily collect, store and trace data to track ingredients and raw materials. Traceability can reduce the time and costs associated with audits or recalls and provide consumers the visibility they desire.

What is product identification and traceability?

Learn how your food and agricultural supply chains can take advantage of code-reading systems with unmatched scope and integration that provide the right identification solution to safeguard your competitive capabilities and make your business flexible and transparent.