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Yacht design software: Improving the marine industry's visualization process

The marine industry is undergoing a digital revolution. To remain competitive, companies need an effective visualization process. Creating stunning, realistic visuals is particularly important in the yacht and pleasure boat segment. In this ebook, learn about NX Render, yacht design software that can improve your visualization workflow.

Streamlining the visualization pipeline for the yacht building process

Visualizing the digital twin for any computer-aided design (CAD) data set is fundamental in this digital age for marine companies, particularly those involved in the yacht building process. Managing visualization data and allowing it to be shared across locations and teams is crucial to creating an effective visualization pipeline.

Modify color schemes and material finishes in yacht renderings

NX Render allows for personalized editing with its library of thousands of materials to get you started. It also has an advanced section that allows you to plug in materials from any other image editing software, allowing you to create yacht renderings that are unique and highly detailed.

Ways to work towards maritime sustainability goals

NX Render can also aid companies as they pursue maritime sustainability goals. By allowing them to drill down to a very detailed level and create highly realistic models, NX Render helps reduce waste in design and manufacturing. Also, since this yacht design software allows for easy sharing of files with anyone who has a copy of the data set, it reduces the need for company travel, which also has positive environmental impacts.

Download the ebook now to learn more.