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eVTOL design and engineering; It’s time to talk!

Today's pace of innovation in aerospace hasn't been seen in a century. Electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) is an industry focus, but the development of the crafts is uncharted territory. Fortunately, manufacturers do not have to tread new ground alone, as the Talking Aerospace Today podcast series gathered aerospace experts to shed light on every aspect of developing eVTOL urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles. This ebook breaks down each eVTOL episode, making it easy to find the information needed, no matter the discipline.

eVTOLs are getting hot; find out how to stay cool and airborne

Whether tackling massive thermal issues, a new propulsion system, unique aerodynamics, battery capacity, or engineered composite materials, the Talking Aerospace Today podcast series has it covered. Guest experts with vast experience across aerospace product design and engineering disciplines join host Scott Salzwedel to uncover the path to eVTOL program success. This eBook serves as a guide to the series, highlighting the key points from each episode with timestamps to quickly find the most pertinent information. In addition to links to the individual episodes, further discussion is just a click away with the Siemens Thought Leadership blogs developed for each episode.

Lean aerospace engineering

Before eVTOLs can dot city skylines, companies must overcome physical challenges around aerodynamics, rotor systems, and structure weights. Electrical problems range from thermal considerations to ensuring batteries have enough energy to power these crafts. In the Talking Aerospace Today podcast series, Siemens experts explain the role of the digital twin in the multi-disciplinary approach needed to ensure these challenges are met in the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way. With this eBook as a reference, the knowledge required to address the development challenges is at your fingertips.