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Navigating the design and development process for medical devices

Medical device design and development require efficient collaboration, synchronized data, and file integrity. Implementing a digital, traceable process simplifies compliance and accelerates market submission. Siemens offers design data management and labeling tools that ensure the availability and completion of design documents. This integrated approach enables enterprise-wide data access and control, cross-domain collaboration, efficient design transfer, and enhanced design and changes control processes.

Discover the importance of unique device identifiers for medical devices

Mislabeling is a significant cause of medical device recalls, and manufacturers face challenges coordinating labeling data across their organizations. It can lead to problems in product design, production, inspection, and compliance. Using a collaborative platform that manages product-related information for all digital assets is essential. End-to-end labeling reduces risks by digitally controlling the labeling process across various departments and applications. It integrates with graphics and package design tools, label management systems, and CAD programs. Furthermore, it helps master the complexity of Unique Device Identifier (UDI) requirements for medical devices, ensuring data control and accurate submissions to health authorities.