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Transforming medical device design with NX software

Reading time: 24 minutes

Today’s medical device companies and suppliers must address increasing product complexity in the electronics and mechanical realm. The challenge? Medical devices are becoming so complex and personalized that product designers have no room for error or waste. To stay agile within the industry, product designers and manufacturers must adopt a holistic platform to drive innovation and speed to market.

NX software delivers the next generation of medical device design that enables you to deliver innovative products to the market. NX software provides a platform that is scalable, connected and collaborative. Learn more about NX and how it can provide better design and simulation for your medical devices.

Remove barriers to medical device innovation

Using CAD software should not be an inhibitor to building world-class products, which is why NX was built with our users in mind. To demonstrate how simple it is to bring medical devices to life, an intern at Siemens Digital Industries Software created an insulin pump using the most advanced design tools in NX software. Imagine what your seasoned designs could do.

Download the free ebook to learn how NX software equipped our intern to design an insulin pump.

Exploring the design stages with NX software

There are five design stages:

  1. Concept
  2. Case design
  3. ECAD and PCB design
  4. Simulation and analysis
  5. Product to market

This free ebook explores each stage of the design process as it relates to creating an insulin pump from ideation to creation. Download the ebook to learn more about how NX software can give you a competitive advantage in the medical device industry.