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The executive’s guide to digital manufacturing for machine shops

Today’s executives are acutely aware that the future of manufacturing is digital, where digital manufacturing has become essential to solving complex production problems and improving business for machine shops.

Digital manufacturing creates continuity between innovative product designs and best-in-class performance. Companies that embrace digital manufacturing are seeing:

  • Greater speed-to-market
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased margins
  • Enhanced market position

In this eBook, learn about the increasing challenges found in the part manufacturing industry and how machine shops are overcoming these challenges with the help of digital manufacturing.

Learn directly from part manufacturing executives on how they are facing these challenges

Excerpt from the eBook:

As a Germany-based automotive industry supplier, EDAG Group has found you cannot compromise time-to-market even when you are implementing new bionicdesigns and additive manufacturing techniques. EDAG’s aim is to stay competitive by seizing the opportunities provided by automotive electrification.

Digital twin technology-enabled EDAG to perform generative engineering, simulation, and 3D print preparation in one software ecosystem. The end results included cutting design time by 50 percent.

“We demonstrated that additive manufacturing is also suitable for high-volume production to solve real challenges in the automotive industry.” - Sebastian Flügel, Scalebat Project Leader, EDAG

The advantage of using one solution for part manufacturing

Part manufacturing has never been easier thanks to Siemens’ NX, which provides integrated software that enables seamless manufacturing - from digital part models to finished products.

NX helps you transform part manufacturing using comprehensive software to program CNC machine tools, control robotic cells, drive 3D printers and monitor product quality. Part manufacturers, like you, can automate programming using advanced capabilities and integrated simulation tools, while connecting the end-to-end part manufacturing processes.

Innovative moldmaker, iMFLUX, uses digital manufacturing to stay ahead

iMFLUX is a moldmaking company that integrates game-changing software and machine learning with state-of-the-art machine shop. NX software has helped iMFLUX accelerate their mold design-to-manufacturing processes, which has led to improved part quality, reduced costs and reduced lead time for the company.

Since adopting NX and Teamcenter software, iMFLUX is experiencing high levels of productivity using automated mold processes and can capture, optimize and reuse company knowledge. The company is now enjoying a seamless production process, connecting people, systems and resources. Siemens’s software allows iMFLUX manufacturing executives to run a flexible operation, enabling the company to meet tomorrow’s needs, today using digital manufacturing.