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Sustainable product packaging design solutions for consumer packaged goods

Reading time: 18 minutes

Retailers and packaging experts alike have discovered new ways to be green without sacrificing function in response to the growing demand for sustainable product packaging.

This eBook explores the benefits and actionable steps packaging experts can take to optimize sustainability and meet consumer demands.

Consumers want environmentally friendly packaging in addition to eco-friendly products

Consumers are willing to pay more for green, but they would also buy more sustainably packaged products if more of them were available and better labeled, according to consumer trends. The increased demand for alternative packaging is supported by data and demonstrates a clear consumer preference for more environmentally friendly products. Discover how retailers can meet this demand with the new green packaging standard.

CPG designers can use innovative solutions to produce environmentally friendly packaging that withstands shipping stress

Consumer packaged goods designers are rethinking how they produce and package goods in response to changes in consumer behavior. Consumers expect packaging to inform them about its composition and environmental impact, and an aesthetically pleasing package is no longer sufficient. Designers of consumer packaged goods can use innovative solutions to create packaging that meets consumer expectations, withstands shipping stress, and is environmentally friendly.

Reduce missed steps by designing concurrently with formula design and lab sample testing

One of the most important aspects of developing a viable solution to build sustainable packaging is to develop all concepts concurrently. Concurrent Development facilitates cross-departmental collaboration by allowing the processes of content and artwork development, simulation, and validation to run concurrently. It also ensures that quality, regulatory compliance, and package performance are not jeopardized.

Drive efficiencies in product package artwork and label management with a digital twin

As brands adapt their packaging to meet their sustainability initiatives, they discover that artwork changes are one of the most important deliverables for eco-friendly products. The Digital Twin for Artwork and Label Content can assist Consumer Goods manufacturers in gaining control of the hundreds of thousands of artwork files they must manage.