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Startup Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Learn from successful startup founders around the globe, the definitive guide of do's and don'ts for entrepreneurs.

Reading time: 15 minutes
This eBook compiles highlights from Startups Hacks podcast interviews hosted by German startup expert and author Bernhard Kalhammer. In addition to being a successful startup founder himself, Bernhard hosts the top-ranking Apple podcast "Startup Hacks" and is the author of the bestselling book, "Startup Hacks".

In each podcast, he talks to startup founders and entrepreneurs about their businesses, unique challenges, and what they did to overcome these challenges and disrupt their industries. This first compilation of stories features four early-stage companies:

• LimbicLife: a chair that allows you to fly through virtual worlds
• Kraftblock: the energy storage of the future
• EWAKE: the fastest jetboards on the market
• Skyseed: the future of reforestation with drones

Each founder explains how their ideas became reality, and how having a strong partner helped them realize success.

What will you learn?

In this eBook, you’ll learn from each founder:

  • How each founder realized a need in a specific industry niche, and the steps they took to bring their idea to market

  • What “hacks” and tips helped them overcome challenges, from lack of investors to supply chain shortage

  • How to access resources to support critical processes, including collaboration with stakeholders, visualizing ideas and developing prototypes 

Meet the founders in this edition

Ole Seidenberg: Passionate for topics ranging from purpose economy to regenerative agriculture/forestry and climate change to biodiversity and green tech. Currently building Skyseed, a drone and AI-based service to regrow healthy forest-ecosystems at scale.

Martin Schichtel: Founded Kraftblock (formerly Nebuma) together with his co-founder Susanne König in 2014. He's always had a deep passion for innovation: he started inventing at the age of 12 with the ambition to change our world for the better.

Patrick Künzler: Struck by the idea of inventing devices to improve human wellbeing, happiness and brain power based on scientific consideration of the limbic system, he connectedthe functional and the emotional in a revolutionary new way, the Limbic Chair was created.

Peter Ruwe: Inspired by the new generation of electric motors and battery technology, the idea of a freely gliding board became reality. The foundation stone was laid and you can feel the "greed for speed".