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Meeting today’s automotive industry & sustainability challenges with model based systems engineering (MBSE)

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Meeting today’s increasing demands for sustainability and connectivity is vital if you are in the automotive business.

Customers and governments are demanding cleaner, greener vehicles. These same customers are demanding smarter and more connected vehicles as well.

To thrive in such a complex industry, automakers must change what they have known and used over the years to deliver today’s vehicles.

It is here where an integrated Model Based Systems Engineering approach can enable your teams to start integrated and stay integrated. And in doing so, helps deliver the right car at the right time, every time.

Learn more about Software & Systems Engineering and drive the change that changes driving.

Address the Complexity of Automotive Development with Siemens Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

In this eBook, CIMdata discusses the widespread challenges facing the automotive industry as software is now one the most critical aspects in vehicles today. This comes as a result of the growing demands from customers and governmental authorities. In the end, it points to far more complex vehicles than automakers have developed before. Where can automakers turn? What can they do not only to address these challenges, but do so before their competition? It’s in an integrated Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach that can help deliver these vehicles.

Driving Sustainability in the Auto Industry - Meeting and Exceeding Government Regulations

With the rising demand from consumers for cleaner and greener vehicles, local and regional governments are enacting laws and regulations to drive increased sustainability in the automotive industry. In fact, 13 countries and 31 regional governments have already announced plans to phase out sales of vehicles with internal combustion engines. From Norway, to France, to the U.K., plans are underway to make this a reality over the next 10-20 years. Automakers are now facing the stark reality of how to handle such a massive industry change. Given the amount of complexity this presents, this is where a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach can help.