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Enabling Simulation-Driven Design

Managing product performance is a crucial aspect of any product development project. Simulation offers a means to gaining insight into product performance at many points in your product development process.By incorporating simulation during conceptual and detailed design, companies position themselves to produce end products that are lighter, faster, cheaper, and more differentiated than ever before. Companies must first, however, enable design engineers to conduct this analysis themselves in order to achieve such success.

What’s inside?

In this eBook by Lifecycle Insights, you'll uncover:
  • Findings from simulation research studies
  • Activities of expert analysts during verification and validation
  • Recommendations for design engineers
  • Characteristics of the enabling technology

Leverage world-class simulation software with Solid Edge

Solid Edge Simulation is a scalable solution that changes the landscape of design. Starting simulation early allows you to make changes when they are easiest, shorten manufacturing times, and reduce your reliance on costly physical prototypes.Solid Edge is used by innovative firms around the world, such as Tokamak Energy, B&P Littleford, and John Harder & Company.