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Digital twin simulation for CPG product development, design & manufacturing

As a result of recent global events, consumer purchasing habits have shifted significantly. Changes in behavior are likely to have long-term ramifications, prompting Consumer goods manufacturers to seek new ways to transform their product development and design processes. This pivot is being driven by the increasing complexity of goods production as well as consumer demand for product variations. Consumer goods manufacturers must embrace digitalization with Digital Twin Simulation to address the design and manufacturing shift in rising product complexity and deliver the customized products customers now demand while ensuring manufacturability at the desired speed, quality, and cost.

Read this eBook about Smart Product & Process Design Innovative Product Development Solutions to learn how your CPG company can use the digital twin and the digital thread to create reliable, sustainable, and customizable products using detailed simulation.

Cross functional product design leverages simulation of both products and manufacturing production

The transition to creating sustainable and customized products is fraught with difficulties, owing to rising complexity across all design domains. Customers and markets now expect products that are innovative, sustainable, and personalized. In comparison to traditional goods, these complexities necessitate more cross-functional product design, more efficient process design and planning, and early manufacturing process validation. Satisfying these demands is no easy task.

This Smart Product and Process Design eBook will teach you more about the integrated end-to-end approach that provides consumer product manufacturers with a digital thread-based strategy for leveraging simulation of both products and manufacturing production.

Virtually validate product production processes and performance

As manufacturing processes become more complex, virtual validation can assist businesses in planning, designing, and implementing systems before investing significant capital.

Virtual validation is expected to grow in need and use over the next decade as regulatory compliance becomes more complex and more proof is required for product certification. CPG companies that do not use virtual validation software and tools to validate their manufacturing and machine processes risk losing competitiveness and ROI.

What if you could create a virtual prototype of a product, test its capabilities, and make design changes before making a physical prototype? With Digital Twin Simulation, you can explore the possibilities.

Gruppo Campari case study: Standardizing product information & data

Discover how Gruppo Campari was able to increase the efficiency of their product development and manufacturing processes, and how they were able to seamlessly integrate all processes and beverage specifications across their entire product portfolio with the help of Digital Twin simulation.