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Simcenter 3D solution guide

Addressing complex engineering challenges by enhancing simulation efficiency

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) has long proven its value as a troubleshooting and analysis tool, but is generally perceived as slow, delivering accurate results too late to drive development. The simulation process with traditional CAE tools is slow due to tedious geometry cleanup processes, and simulation disciplines are disconnected from each other, hampering efficient workflows.

To meet complex challenges, product engineering teams need a unified, shared platform for all simulation disciplines, with leading-edge analysis tools that are easy-to-use, incorporate more productive workflows and produce consistent results.

Comprehensive, fully-integrated CAE

Simcenter 3D is the most comprehensive, fully-integrated CAE solution on the market today, and this solution guide will help you understand what it has to offer for engineering simulation. This guide starts with the foundation, Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop, which is the central platform and user interface you use to model, perform and evaluate all of your simulations. The rest of the sections outline the physics domains you can work in and the kind of solutions you can perform with Simcenter 3D.

Welcome to the world of Simcenter 3D!