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Simcenter 3D for structural simulation

Increasing realism and improving insight

Simcenter 3D for structural simulation offers a set of finite element (FE) structural solvers that are part of the Simcenter portfolio of simulation tools. You can use these solvers for many different industry application to to evaluate the structural performance of your products.

Providing finite element solution for experienced CAE analysts

Simcenter 3D for structures is powered by the well known Simcenter NastranĀ® software. Structural solutions of Simcenter 3D offer scalable, open and extensible capabilities for both general and advanced analysts. They can be used on laptop, workstation and servers to solve everything from small models to the largest state-of-the art industrial models. This solution guide goes into more depth on how you can use Simcenter 3D to solve your most challenging structural problems quickly.