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Simcenter 3D for multiphysics simulation

Leveraging the use of industry-standard solvers for a full range of applications

Product performance is influenced by a number of physics phenomena all happening simultaneously. But engineers often simulate product performance for one type of of physics at a time. A major reason for this is because most simulation tools are built for simulating just a single type of physics. Your products don't perform in a vacuum, and neither should your simulations.

One integrated platform for multiphysics

Simcenter 3D streamlines multiphysics simulation through a common engineering desktop that is used for pre- and postprocessing of multiple physics disciplines. Through this integrated platform, you can more easily perform multiphysics simulations such as thermal-fluid, thermo-mechanical, fluid-structure interaction, vibroacoustics, aero-vibro-acoustics, electromagnetic-thermal, and electromagnetic-vibro-acoustic. Simcenter 3D also supports both weak and strong coupling depending on the physics types involved. Download this solution guide to learn the details about the multiphysics simulation capabilities in Simcenter 3D.