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Simcenter 3D for generative engineering

Improving and optimizing product designs

Most designs in production design are modifications to existing designs or are the result of purely a designer's experience. With energy efficiency top of mind, and material costs increasing, manufacturers need to find ways to make their products lighter using less material while still meeting performance requirements. Creating entirely new designs can be a time consuming, trial-and-error process.

Discover a better design faster

Simcenter 3D software generative engineering solutions relieve the burden of improving product designs by automating the iterative process. Use simulation-driven-design to discover new geometric designs based on the loading conditions a part will experience. This gives you a near optimal starting point for your design which you can then optimize even further with automated design space exploration capabilities to compare your design’s performance against specifications. Download this solution guide to learn more how generative engineering approaches in Simcenter 3D can help you discover better designs faster.