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Simcenter 3D for electromagnetics simulation

Integrating Simcenter MAGNET and high-frequency electromagnetic solvers to achieve excellent performance

Electromagnetic phenomena play a significant role in the operation, performance, and safety of many modern technologies. Energy conversion, antenna design and siting, electromagnetic compatibility and
electromagnetic interference, are just some of the critical phenomena you need to manage or control. Simulation can help you better understand performance of your products earlier in the development phase.

Comprehensive electromagnetics simulation capabilities

Simcenter 3D software for electromagnetics simulation includes an integrated, low-frequency solver using Simcenter MAGNET software and a variety of high-frequency solvers for wave propagation phenomena. Simcenter 3D for electromagnetics integrates capabilities that can generate, manage and simulate highly complex models in a reasonable amount of time and with minimal computational resources. Download this solution guide to read all of the details on how you can use Simcenter 3D to simulate electromagnetic performance in your products.