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Simcenter 3D for additive manufacturing simulation

Print right the first time

Additive manufacturing (AM) is changing the way products are made. New revolutionary machines and processes are rapidly pushing AM from the prototype environment onto the production floor. But the repeated heating and cooling of metal in industrial AM processes introduces internal stresses and can actually deform your component from its intended shape. Getting to the a good quality printed part is often a time-consuming, trial-and-error process.

Print right the first time

Simcenter 3D software can help you predict distortions and defects before parts are printed, thereby reducing the number of test prints and improving the quality of the final print. Download this solution guide to learn the details on how Simcenter 3D can simulate the build process for metal powder bed fusion additive manufacturing applications. Calculate distortions so you can pre-compensate part geometry prior to the printing process so you can print it right the first time.