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Signal Integrity Analysis: Essential For Modern Electronic Product Designs

PADS signal integrity analysis empowers users to explore what-if scenarios, such as using different component families and then verify their choice in layout to reveal costly potential problems before prototyping.

Facts about Signal Integrity

  • PADS PCB signal integrity analysis and validation is powered by HyperLynx technology, renowned for its accuracy and ease of use.

  • The HyperLynx analysis environment is tightly integrated with schematic and layout, simplifying signal integrity analysis and not a 3rd-party add-on like most PCB design tools.

  • Using signal integrity analysis reduces design spins and cuts design costs with the powerful, easy-to-use signal integrity capabilities

  • Virtual prototyping detects and resolves potential signal degradation issues, such as overshoot and undershoot, ringing, and timing problems.

  • HyperLynx signal integrity tools are scalable, easy to adopt and learn, and can be implemented quickly. For more information on Signal Integrity Analysis, visit.